Use Case #3 - NSE/NOKLUS

This use case will be structured by joining the two HEIR partners’ NSE and NOKLUS forces and will mainly examine the cross-domain aspect of data exchange between patient representatives (NSE), health data registry representatives (NOKLUS) and researchers (NSE/NOKLUS). The HEIR project will facilitate the secure data exchange and storage as well as the interaction between citizens, research institutions, the Norwegian Diabetes Registry (NOKLUS) and other stakeholders inside a trusted environment. In this pilot, data will be gathered by the patient on their mobile devices and sensors, and further shared between them and their clinicians for clinical purposes.

HEIR will work and document a vulnerability analysis of personal health tools and sensors, with respect to issues like secure communications and firewalls, antivirus and antimalware, identity management and access control, SIEM monitoring tools and forensics analysis, IT intrusion detection and access management solutions. It can also provide solutions for encryption, anonymization, access management as well support the patients/citizens’ rights for keeping control of their own data. Mobile security solutions will ensure that data from the mobile devices can be shared on a meta data level, possibly also cross-border. Finally, the pilot will test Blockchain and Discovery service components.